2016 WINES


2016 Bednarik Vineyard Pinot Noir

AVA: Willamette Valley * Elevation: 350 Ft.  *   Exposure: South/Southwest  *  Soils: Marine Sedimentary  *  Pommard * Harvest Date: Sep. 24th, 2016  *  Native Yeast Fermentation   * 100% Whole Cluster  *  Elevage: 10 months in neutral, 5 year, air-dried 228L barrels  *  Farming Practices: Dry farmed/Organic

This single vineyard bottling comes from the cool Coast Range outside of Cherry Grove. The 6 acre, own-rooted vineyard was planted to Pommard in 1988 by William Bednarik.

We drove our truck to the field on the morning of the pick with a 1.25 ton fermenter in the back. Half of the fruit was picked and placed, whole cluster, directly into the fermenter. No sulfur was added. We drove the fruit back to the winery. (Our truck suffered minor injuries when we accidentally drove over a tie-down strap en route, but the fruit was perfect.) Native yeasts fermented the whole bunches as they received gentle pump overs and pigéage. The remaining half of the fruit was placed, whole cluster,  into a 400 liter amphora and closed for 21 days with no manipulation or sulfur. Both wines were aged for 10 months in neutral oak with a small sulfur addition post malolactic fermentation. Barrels were combined and gravity bottled, unfined and unfiltered.

The final blend has a power that comes not from density but from an almost electric play between the two ferments. Lively, vibrant fresh raspberry mingles with deeper, crushed strawberry and baking spice to create a full, complex spectrum of red fruit.


2016 Sequitur Vineyard Pinot Noir


AVA: Ribbon Ridge * Elevation: 425 Ft.  *   Exposure: South East  *  Soils: Marine Sedimentary (Willakenzie Series)  *  Clones: Chalone, 943, Rochioli * Harvest Date: Sep. 11th, 2016  *  Native Yeast Fermentation   * 25% Whole Cluster  *  Elevage: 10 months in neutral, 5 year, air-dried 228L barrels  *  Farming Practices: Dry farmed/Organic/ Biodynamic

This single vineyard bottling from Mike Etzel’s Sequitur Vineyard is a two barrel composite.  We placed 25% of the fruit in whole clusters at the bottom of an open-top fermenter and added the remainder of the fruit, de-stemmed, on top. After a 3-4 day ambient soak, we allowed native yeasts to take hold. After 21 days in vat, we basket pressed the wines and put them to barrel. They aged for 10 months in one neutral barrel and one new barrel from the Jura region of France, after which they were gravity bottled, unfined and unfiltered.

From the beginning, this fruit was ripe and blue with dark skins. In their youth, the wines were plum and blueberry with an ever-present sandalwood character. With time that sandalwood integrated and transitioned into more delicate blue fruit with umami spices and complex, minor notes of candle wax and wet granite. The palate is both buoyant and rich with fruit while possessing texture and a delicate line of acid to hold it together.


2016 Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir


AVA: Yamhill-Carlton * Elevation: 450 Ft.  *   Exposure: South/Southwest  *  Soils: Marine sedimentary, sandstone  *  777 * Harvest Date: Sep. 11th, 2016  *  Native Yeast Fermentation   * 30% Whole Cluster  *  Elevage: 10 months in 80% neutral wood/20% new Jura barrels *  Farming Practices: Dry farmed

In the late 1980s, Dick and Deirdre Shea planted what is now one of Willamette Valley’s most esteemed and iconic vineyards.  Our 1 acre block of Dijon Clone 777 sits at 450 feet at a south/southwest exposure.  This warm site in Yamhill-Carlton AVA is planted on sedimentary soil sitting atop ancient sandstone.

We processed this fruit in two small lots: one de-stemmed and another with 40% whole cluster. Both lots were fermented with native yeasts and the juice was left on the skins for 19 days. The de-stemmed portion was bright, fresh strawberry and cranberry fruit with a silky mouthfeel. The whole cluster portion had more richness on the palate and aromatics of fresh green  herbs with darker, spicier fruit. The finished wines were basket pressed and then put to barrel for 10 months in 80% neutral wood and 20% new barrels from the Jura region of France. Wines were gravity bottled, unfined and unfiltered.


2016 Old Eight Cut Pinot Noir


This cellar selection includes diverse vineyards from the Willamette Valley including Shea, Sequitur, and Bednarik. All of the wines for this cuvée were fermented using native yeasts. The final blend is 35% whole cluster and aged for 10 months in oak barrels - 90% neutral and 10% new wood from the Jura region in France.

More lush than our 2015 Old Eight Cut,  the palate of this wine has more volume and a softer texture but still retains a bright seam of acidity that holds the framework together.  Candied cherry, ripe plum, and citrus rind give way to underlying warm-damp soil, crushed granite, and candle wax.  Fine-grained tannins like bittersweet chocolate mix with layers of ripe berry fruit.  As is always the goal for our wines, a chameleon layer will rise to and fall from the landscape the longer this bottle is open.



Klipsun  Vineyard Syrah
Red Mountain * Washington

AVA: Red Mountain, WA * Elevation: 325 Ft.  *   Exposure: South West  *  Soils: Glaciofluvial sedimentary - Hezel and Warden series  *  Clone: Phelps  * Harvest Date: August 18th, 2016 * Native Yeast Fermentation   * 100% Whole Cluster  *  Elevage: 10 months in terracotta amphora and an additional 4 months in 5-year, air-dried 228L barrels. * Gravity bottled unfined and unfiltered.

This wine is the second vintage of our amphora series, which originated as a result of inspiration from wines we tasted that were raised in similar vessels.  We felt that maybe this vessel could be the answer to peeling away some of the ragged tannins created by fermenting Syrah 100% whole cluster.  

Whole clusters were added to the open top fermenter without sulfur addition. Native fermentation took hold after 5 days and the juice was gently circulated twice daily to extract color and flavor from the skins and stems. Because of the warm season and ripe fruit, the tannins were complete and balanced after 17 days. The wine was basket pressed to a 400 liter terracotta amphora. After 10 months in terracotta, the wine was moved to neutral oak for 4 months. Minimal sulfur was added. Wines were gravity bottled, unfined and unfiltered.

The end result tastes initially like the bounty of the Pacific Northwest:  blackberry, marionberry, and blueberry with a hint of warm, dusty earth.  A final kiss of savory marrow adds ballast and dimension to the wine.