2015 Old Eight Cut Tech Sheet

Willamette Valley       Pinot Noir
Bottled:  August 26th 2016 (310 cases produced)
Alc %/ Vol: 14.0    pH 3.79   Total Sulfur: 75 mg/L

28% Jessie James
AVA: Eola-Amity  *  Elevation: 625 Ft.  *  Exposure: East  *  Soils: Volcanic/ decomposed basalt Clone: Pommard  *  Harvest Date: Sep. 22, 2015  *  Native Yeast Fermentation *  45% whole cluster  *  Elevage: 10 months in neutral, 5 year, air-dried 228L barrels  *  Farming Practices: Dry Farmed/Organic/ Sustainable

The Jessie James vineyard is slightly higher than our other vineyards, so it tends to ripen later than the rest, yielding a truly unique wine.  The fermentation was slower to start and took its sweet time finishing up. When it first went to barrel it had all kinds of crazy aromatics: the fruit was red crushed strawberries and dried cranberries with spices like cinnamon, white pepper, and anise.  Underneath those layers emerged savory notes like game meat, wool, and hot dirt.  This lot of barrels took some interesting turns through elevage, but we always knew that they would add dimension and character to the final bend. They did not disappoint.


32% Sequitur Vineyard
AVA: Ribbon Ridge Elevation: 425 Ft.  *  Exposure: South East  *  Soils: Marine Sedimentary (Willakenzie Series)  *  Clone: Chalone, Mt. Eden, 943  *  Harvest Date: Sep. 13th, 2015    Native Yeast Fermentation  *  50% Whole Cluster  *  Elevage: 10 months in neutral, 5 year air-dried 228L barrels   *  Farming Practices: Dry farmed/Organic/ Biodynamic

This is a diverse site planted to a mixed bag including heritage clones from California and Oregon alongside more predictable Dijon clones.    We fermented with native yeast and went  50% whole cluster.  The yeast took off after about 4 days and worked their way through fermentation beautifully.  This was the flesh in the blend, with rich blueberry and plum mixed with black olive and spice that comes with fermenting stems.  Juicy and rich, it partnered well with the delicate aromatics of the Jessie James Vineyard and the savory structure of the Flanerie Vineyard.


40% Flanerie Vineyard
AVA: Ribbon Ridge  *  Elevation: 300 Ft.  *  Exposure: East  *  Soils: Marine Sedimentary (Willakenzie Series)  *  Clone: Pommard & 667   *  Harvest Date: Sep. 12th 2015  *  Native Yeast Fermentation  *  50% Whole Cluster   *  Elevage: 10 months in neutral, 5 year air-dried 228L barrels  *  Farming Practices: Dry Farmed/ Organic/ Sustainable

This a unique site that produces a distinctly savory and rich pinot noir. Shallow soils lay over thick marine sedimentary parent material with eye-catching flecks of silica mixed in. The Pommard clone harvested from the lower block, which ironically rippens last, has a red berry character mixed with sweet juniper berry, charcuterie, and green olive that made my mouth water every time I tasted it out of barrel.  The 667 from the upper block also carries rich savory notes, but it’s more like marrow and beef bouillon mixed with darker black fruits.  More structured and broad, this became the skeletal framework for the blend.